Connecting Care Through Telehealth: Long-Term Services and Supports

Connecting Care Through Telehealth: Long-Term Services and Supports



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Connecting Care Through Telehealth is an online course designed to inform and improve best practices when using telehealth and virtual services in long-term services and supports (LTSS) settings. Informed by the Age-Friendly Health Systems 4Ms framework, content is tailored for providers and care-teams, residents/patients, and families and caregivers within skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and home health and hospice organizations.


The course consists of five modules:

·       Introduction to Telehealth and Virtual Services in Long Term Services and Supports

·       Connectivity and Setting up a Telehealth Visit

·       Best Practices for Facilitating a Successful Telehealth Visit

·       Tele-Visits Tutorials for Patients/Residents, Families, and Caregivers


·       Monitoring Telehealth and Virtual Services in Quality Improvement Programs

Course modules include technology troubleshooting tips, communication etiquette, telehealth visit checklists and evaluation tools that can be modified to the needs of your setting.

 This course was developed through a CARES act grant under the Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program at the University of Utah. For more information about the Utah GWEP, visit our website at

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