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Connecting Through Telehealth: a Guide to Virtual Primary Care for Providers, Patients, Families, & Caregivers

Started Apr 27, 2021


Full course description

Comprehensive telehealth course designed to enhance the ability of administrators, providers, care-teams, and students to care for patients via telehealth technologies. This course will assist with telehealth implementation and may move your telehealth program beyond the basics to achieve program sustainability.  Also included is special content for clinical practices to use for patient and caregiver education. 


Course content is designed to cover the technical and interpersonal skills required in virtual care delivery, while also providing a framework for process monitoring, quality improvement, and program adaption to enhance sustainability and accessibility. 


The course consists of four modules:

·       Telehealth and Virtual Services to Enhance Access and Improve Care

·       Mastering the Techno-Human Aspects of Telehealth Visits

·       Nuts & Bolts of Telehealth Regulations, Billing and Revenue Capture

·       Tele-Visit Tutorial for Patients, Families and Caregivers


Under each module there are 3 to 4 subsections, which further delve into topics such as: the role telehealth can play in being person-centered; expanding healthcare access and achieving the quadruple aim; key elements of team-based approaches with focus on the role of the nurse; relevant telehealth regulations, billing and revenue capture; and strategies and tips to ensure successful tele-visits for patients, families and caregivers.  


This course was developed through a CARES act grant under the Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention Program (NEPQR) at the University of Utah. For more information about the Utah NEPQR, visit our website at

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