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Washington State Telehealth Collaborative

Washington State Healthcare Professional Telemedicine Training

Started Dec 4, 2020


Full course description

About Healthcare Professional Telemedicine Training

In 2020, Washington State passed SSB 6061 (Links to an external site.) and made telemedicine training mandatory for all licensed, registered, or certified healthcare professionals providing telemedicine services. Physicians and Osteopathic physicians are excluded from the mandate, however they are encouraged to complete such training.

This training meets the requirement outlined in Washington State law. Trainees are expected to maintain a Certificate of Completion for record keeping. Fulfillment of this telemedicine training requirement includes: completion of this training, 80% pass rate of the training test questions, and maintenance of records that includes the Certificate of Completion that will be awarded following this training.

NOTE: Healthcare providers do not need to complete this training if their institution or organization has their own internal telehealth training that meets the Washington Telehealth Alternative Training Guidelines.

This training was developed by the Washington State Telehealth Collaborative and the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center. Please direct questions or comments to the Program Contact listed on the WA Telehealth Collaborative website (Links to an external site.).  A total of .75 CME credit hours is available upon course completion. 

Class Learning Objectives

At the completion of this telemedicine training the healthcare professional will be able to:

  • Identify how telemedicine is defined in Washington State
  • Describe regulating policies and scope of practice when providing telemedicine services
  • Understand the necessary infrastructure before providing telemedicine services
  • List practice considerations when providing telemedicine services
  • Demonstrate knowledge of telemedicine practice, business, and compliance standards

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