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TeleBehavioral Health 301 Series



Full program description

The TeleBehavioral Health training series focuses on developing a broad knowledge base and skills for providing services to individuals who live with mental health and substance use issues. TeleBehavioral Health 301 will explore leveraging telebehavioral health to enhance quality of care in a variety of clinical arenas.


TeleBehavioral Health 301 Series Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, attendees should be able to:

  • Describe ways that TeleBehavioral Health skills can be tailored to provide care to a variety of patient populations.
  • Describe methods that can be utilized in providing TeleBehavioral Health care while maintaining professional standards of care.
  • Incorporate current policies with latest telehealth technologies to provide effective care.

Learners are not required to take the series sequentially, nor are learners required to take all of the sessions in the series in order to obtain continuing education credits or a certificate of completion. You are welcome to attend any of the 301 sessions, regardless of whether you have attended the 101 or 201 series (there are no prerequisites).



At the completion of each session of the series, you will be asked to complete an evaluation, which will also lead to your Certificate of Completion, as well as to information about obtaining Continuing Medical Education credits.